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Texas is a large state with four political parties: Republican, Democratic, Green Party, and Libertarian. Each political party has a basic fundamental ideology and platform on current issues Powerful Essays words 8.

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A political parties can be described as ann organized group of people with similar political aims, interest and opinions, and that organized group of person exercise political power. Political parties try to control what happens in Parliament by securing a majority of parliament members. They work together so as to introduce new laws and they alter old ones. Most countries have single-party, two-party, or multiparty systems Powerful Essays words 6.

Wattenberg Introduction The element of politics in America is very dynamic and even at times controversial; it seeks to encompass wide array and area in a manner that binds and restricts numerous the elements of the society that continue to dictate various elements. It is important to understand the position of race within the contemporary American society. Since time immemorial, various the different races tended to assume a competing stance against each other as they struggled to bring about an element of coherence and nobility into the whole idea of politics Powerful Essays words 5.

Every actor has a different interest in the election campaign.

The Functions of Political Parties

However, their target is the same, which are the voters. Then, during the play, they are work together and need each other. The journalist is chasing the candidate and campaigner as the candidate activity on campaign become newsworthy Powerful Essays words 9. All parties develop a political program that defines their ideology to set up the agenda they wish to pursue if they win elective offices or gain power through extra parliamentary means.

In the United States, party candidates are usually selected through primary elections at state level. These political parties influence policy by getting their members elected or appointed to government offices Powerful Essays words 2 pages. What role can 3rd parties play. There are many reasons why America has only two major political parties. It could be the cause of the federal government. The major parties reflect its decentralized structure. Candidates are recruited at the state or local level and are responsive primarily to their own state or local constituencies.

At the national level, they consist of local party representatives.

The New Media’s Role in Politics

After the Presidential election, the Democratic-Republicans gained major dominance for the next twenty years, and the Federalists slowly died off. Second Party System : This system developed as a result of the one party rule of the Democratic-Republicans not being able to contain some of the most pressing issues of the time, namely slavery. Wealthier people tended to support the Whigs, and the poorer tended to support the Democrats. The Whig party began to break apart into factions, mainly over the issue of slavery.

This period lasted until Third Party System : Beginning around the time of the start of the Civil War, this system was defined by bitter conflict and striking party differences and coalitions.

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These coalitions were most evidently defined by geography. The South was dominated by the Democrats who opposed the ending of slavery, and the North, with the exception of some major political machines, was dominated by the Republicans, who supported ending slavery. This era was a time of extreme industrial and economic expansion. The Third Party System lasted until Fourth Party System : This era was defined by Progressivism and immigration, as well as the political aftermath of the American Civil War.

Northeastern business supported the Republicans while the South and West supported the Democrats. Immigrant groups were courted by both parties. The Fourth Party System came to an end around Roosevelt in response to the Great Depression. This coalition supporting new social welfare programs brought together many under-privileged, working class, and minority groups including unions, Catholics, and Jews.

Functions of Political Parties

It also attracted African-Americans, who had previously largely supported the Republican Party due to Lincoln's freeing of the slaves. This era lasted approximately until Sixth Party System : The transition to this system appears to have begun with the Civil Rights Act of with the Democrats subsequently losing their long dominance of the South in the late s, leading to a Republican dominance as evidenced by election results. Scholars of Argentina identify two distinct party systems, one in place between and , the other emerging after The first party system was not consistently class based, but the second was, with the Radical Party representing the middle classes and the Peronists , workers and the poor.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Centre-left Radical centre Centre-right. Centre-right Far-right. Extremist Radical. Progressive Reformist Liberal. Moderate Syncretic Third Position.

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    The Functions of Political Parties

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