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Education is the best means for full development of man. Whatever goals of life are determined by society they should be corresponding to the age, experience and environment of the individual in general. Only then a right direction will be available for social change and progress. The goals of education should be such as to suit to various stages of development of the individual. The goals for one stage of development may not be congenial to another stage.

For example, the goals Fixed for the primary stage may not be helpful for the secondary stage of education or for adult or old age of man. Material culture is also developed through education, but the social elements allied with the material culture have to be transformed through education wherever necessary. For example, language development is not possible without education. Language is an element of non-material culture.

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Language is the best means for interaction of various ideas. Therefore education may develop non-material culture as well. Education establishes a relationship between knowledge and new investigations and researches. From this it becomes clear how the new knowledge will affect the human life. To encourage new investigation pertaining to material culture and to introduce new ideas in social life. Thus education safeguards, develops and spreads the material and non-material elements of culture it is through education that we acquire skill for our successful social life.

Education helps an individual in his all sided development and it also makes him social. As a result an individual becomes helpful for society and he contributes towards desirable social changes.

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Social change is necessary for development of human society. This social change is brought out by man through education.

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This social change is brought out by those men who consider the necessity of bringing change. Social changes come through cultural change without any pre-determined plan. For such a type of social change, a definite direction must be given and goals should be laid down for the same. Only then, that social change may be good for human society. To prepare such leaders who may understand the necessity of introducing desirable social changes and may devise ways for bringing in the same.

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