Outlining bar exam essays

Since you only have 30 minutes, you need to convey your understanding of each issue succinctly. Knowing the law is one thing.


Understanding the context and nuance of law is what makes a great lawyer. You can practice over and over again, but an outside perspective can help you make the right adjustments. Sit down with a friend, professor, or advisor who has already passed the exam to get experienced, personalized pointers. Some topics and subjects show up on the bar exam more frequently than others.

Maximize Your Bar Exam Essay Score in One Difficult Step

Make sure you have a strong, thorough grasp of those topics before you walk into the exam room. Thinking more clearly means more thorough arguments and higher scores. Do your best, study hard, and good luck!

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Not enough information 2. Irrelevant information 3. As an operator of a motor vehicle, Billy Bob owed a duty to drive with reasonable care to all others who could foreseeably be harmed by his failure to drive with reasonable care. A reasonably prudent driver would not take his eyes off the road in order to feed his insatiable ego. These actions caused Billy Bob to drive directly into Ms.

Free Bar Exam Outlines

Bellbottom, breaking her legs. It is foreseeable that someone operating a motor vehicle without looking at the road will injure a pedestrian. Bellbottom suffered damages in the form of medical damages, pain and suffering, and lost wages. The essay fact patterns are drafted to elicit some defense, excuse, mitigation, or exception to a cause of action, which should be viewed as a source of more points.

Whenever you see a complicated, multi-layered fact pattern, you should breathe a sigh of relief and then take a huge data dump on the essay sheet. Do not waste time on creative or artful phrasing. Instead, employ laser-like focus on producing answers with the most buzzwords and substance because those answers have the most potential to net you points. These are just simplified examples, but they can be generalized to every area of law and any question that you may encounter. You are always confronted with the task of stating what claims the various parties have against one another, along with the defenses to those claims.

You must therefore memorize the elements to every cause of action, along with every defense, and learn when to apply them.

Preparation for Essay with Bar Exam | Bar Exam Essay Preparation in California

Your bar outlines will be structured in a manner that makes learning the various causes of actions and their defenses a straightforward task. There is no magic pill to guarantee you success over this last great hurdle of your legal career. There is no quick-fix.

How do I memorize all the law necessary to pass bar exam essays?

The deciding factor will be your level of commitment and the self-discipline that will keep you from projectile vomiting during the exam. Since joining Themis in , Jaime has helped thousands of students successfully prepare for the bar exam in jurisdictions nationwide.

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What you see: A fact-pattern themed cross-word puzzle. What you think: I wonder if my old job is still hiring? What you should see: A massive amount of potential points.

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