Buying my first car essay

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We hire the company got just pay a required writing services. Janice Harder October 10, In the fall of , I received my first traffic ticket. The sky was clear the night air was breezy as I drove down the lighted street. This was my first episode with the St. Tammany Parish Sherriff. On a Wednesday evening in November, I arrived home from work early and cooked dinner like any.

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I saved three thousand dollars and moved from Irvington to East Orange. I contemplated it would be easy to live on my own. However, it was not easier it was difficult. My apartment was the transition into my adulthood. When I received the keys to my apartment I deemed it, party time. I was ecstatic. My dream car is the Ferrari.

Ferrari has always been a symbol of speed and prestige and elegance.


Owning a Ferrari means that you have arrived in style. But of course it is not easy. Only the very rich can even dream of owning a Ferrari. The Ferrari is the brainchild of Enzo Ferrari, an Italian who started his career as a small carmaker and soon took up car racing. The Sport was the first ever Ferrari motorcar. Enzo Ferrari did not intend. It was middle of June of After graduation I thought that I can easily find a job because I graduated with honor.

I have got this thought because I received a practical training at the company as an accountant, and was offered a job at the same company after the training. But I wished to work for government and make reforms. After graduation I decided to start my work at Ministry of Finance. I did not get this job easily. We lived in a blue house on Marbut Road, which was the second house on the left. I attended Greenforest Christian Academy. Greenforest was a relatively small school off Candler Rd. The teachers were motivated to teach and took a genuine interest in the students.

Every year on the last day of school we have a free day where every student can relax and do. On the first semester, nothing irregular happen to my lovelife, just a few hucksters and unimpressive boys. But it all messed up when the 2nd semester came.

Buying My First Car at 18!!

I was sitting in the aisle and no one is talking to me, and here goes a tall, dark and handsome guy who came in and sit on the chair right at my left. We never talked, but he kept on moving and it annoys me. After that first meeting, I change my seat and forgot about him, unfortunately on the middle of the first month, a guy approached.

My First Car Essays

I bought it when I started to work in my first job. It sure is a good car; I always tried to maintain a good condition by having the oil changes on time and attending the noises as well. Now my daughter is using it for college. I decided to buy my first car for many reasons, because it do my shopping and my tasks and not depend on other people and sometimes I want to travel for pleasure to other places.

The majority of. We long for that magic moment when the lips meet, then fireworks are set ablaze and everything seems right with the world. Well, on the contrary, at age fourteen I experienced the oh so desired first kiss, and it was nothing like the movies. Age fourteen, I remember it like it was yesterday I was young and very. My First Job Many people, when they first start their first job how do you act and what do you do?

But in some cases a job can be so exciting and fun. It can teach you new experiences in life, and teach you aspects that you never knew about yourself before, you also can learn responsibilities for yourself , like learning how to save money, and survive in the real world. In my case, my first. I also learned to treat him like he was one of my children. Just like children he needs to be feed and nurtured.

My family and I just got him a couple of months ago; we named him Polo, his black and white. I was the most scared. My First Love Finally I heart the million-dollar word, "yes" after the eight-hour long walk with her. My best friend was mad at me. I could see the anger in her eyes like a black cloud ready for a thunderstorm. It was seven years ago, janaury 7th ,with sunny warm day at about AM, I met her at the bus stop after wating for an hour. With in our three years friendship, I saw her get angry many times, but not like on that day. I said sorry more than. At the age of eighteen, I got my first chance to immigrate to the United States.

When I first came here, everything was so new and different that I felt surprised and could not imagine it. However, after being here for four months, it turned out to be an entirely new and worthwhile experience. It was my first time to go to a country where English was the common language. Although I had studied English for six years in Vietnam, I had a few problems in quality of communication.

For example, different. I was very nervous yet so excited. The second call of the night was a Cardiac arrest! The night started at about on a Sunday night. Our first call was an 85 year old female with possible airway obstruction. We went code three, only to find out she had swallowed a Tums tablet whole. She was complaining of pain when swallowing. It was not. After customs we went to duty free. It was 10 minutes before the plane.

We were ready and waiting for the take off. Firstly the plane went on the run way till the opposite end. But finally.

My First Car Essay

One afternoon I picked up my mom from her job at the Florida mall near macys and was driving through the parking lot. There was a car ahead of me that stopped so I stopped behind it and I was waiting for it to move. Just at that moment a car backed up into me on my right side, for a second I did not know what happened but later I realized that someone had crashed into me. I got out. My First Experience My first time living on my own was a dreadful experience I will never forget. I was most excited at being able to have my own freedom.

That was until I had to learn the responsibilities of living on my own. The worst experience was having to learn how to manage my money and pay bills. This was not an easy task for me. I quickly got behind on my bills for the reason that I just wanted to have fun with my new-found freedom.

I would borrow money to pay my bills continuously. Example A being this important meeting my boss decided to remind me of last night while I was deep asleep via text message. July My Accident It was just another normal Tuesday. Earlier that day I went to work for my grandpa till in the afternoon. Lately my feelings have grown for this girl, especially lately, so I knew I had to take advantage of this situation and take her to the game. I started on my way to her house. Anand Patel My First Car Accident First of all, I must say that I could never fancy how ten seconds of life could change a person's view on his whole existence.

I experienced the scariest moment in my life. That was the month I faced my very first car accident. It is a moment I will never forget. I neared my home and decided to stop by the gas station to pick up some drinks and some gum. Given the three-year anticipation before buying my first car, can you imagine the excitement when in the fall of it was actually time to buy my own, my very own, first car.

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There may be a person of my vintage somewhere who has forgotten about their first car. But I doubt it. Now, let me tell you about mine. It was a Buick Special blue and white two-door with a thundering V-8 engine coupled to a slower than molasses Dynaflow automatic transmission. Every used car of that era had some idiosyncrasies and my Buick was no exception.

Is Buying a Car an Investment?

Pushing in the cigarette lighter blew a fuse, all the dash lights went out and the radio died. This Buick had one tiny speaker in the middle of the dashboard. But who cared about dash lights and radios.

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I had my own car, my own set of wheels to take me anywhere I wanted to go, providing I had a buck for four gallons of gas. But for those of my general age bracket, somewhere in the corners of our imagination, and the hollows of our memory, we can still drive our own first car. I can see that blue and white Buick sitting in the driveway, freshly washed.

Do I drive around the block, pick up Tom and head to Rastrellis for a taste of the best pizza in town?

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The spicy sausage and mushrooms please, along with a Coke, a real Coke made with syrup and sparkling water? Or can I find the courage to ask her out, this girl I just ran into just the other day. She seemed kind of interested, but a guy, well a guy never knows for sure.

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  • For what started out as just a car, now, for this old man, has become a time machine, a time machine with four wheels, a dead radio and no dash lights.