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The research is a cross-sectionalcomparative study carried out to determine the variations andsimilarities in the activities of clinical waste managementpractices within three district hospitals located in Johor, Perakand Kelantan. Usingphysical observation, administered questionnaire and interviewquestions, sectional data within each hospital were collated andanalyzed by employing Microsoft Excel and relevant statisticalanalysis tools like ANOVA.

The results showed similarities in many areas, confirming thatsimilar activities take place within the hospitals and variations inother areas confirming that many factors both external andinternal affect the clinical waste management and other activitieswithin the hospitals. Studies revealed many deficiencies in themanagement mostly weaknesses in segregation process. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

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Sikiru, M. Sridhar, and A. Adegbita, S.

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