Red bull product life cycle essays

The short product life cycle in this industry requires an effective research and development strategy to ensure that new products are availed to the market at the opportune time. In general, buyers enjoy an average bargaining power in the industry. While the manufacturers enjoy higher bargaining power for energy drinks, vitamin-enhanced beverages, and sports drinks, the buyers have an equally higher bargaining power in terms of the carbonated soft drinks.

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There are no switching costs involved, which makes it difficult for industry players to lock in their customers. Suppliers have a low bargaining power in the industry. The industry has numerous suppliers who supply numerous other industry players, which reduces the overall bargaining power. Additionally, some of the industry players, including PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, have elaborately established themselves Thompson et al.

This gives such firms immense bargaining power over the suppliers. The elaborate establishment of these industry players also affords them the ability to pursue backward integration. There are several large manufacturers in the industry, who strongly compete in the market with almost similar capabilities.

PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and Red Bull, all have significant market shares in the US and the global market, which makes them great industry rivals Thompson et al. All these companies offer products that are equally attractive in the market. The threat of substitution is low in the industry. There are fewer alternative drinks that buyers can acquire in place of carbonated drinks and the energy drinks.

Consumers seeking to acquire safely sealed, ready to drink beverages have to make up with products manufactured and processed by the industry players in one way or another Thompson et al. The beverage industry faces a low entry threat. The market relies on strong brand names, which requires a lot of time to establish.

Additionally, the leading industry players, including Coca Cola and PespsiCo, have elaborately established their operations and business across the globe Thompson et al. Soft drinks manufacturers have a global market outreach, which has seen players establish operations in virtually all regions in the world. However, with different regulatory frameworks applied by different countries across the world, the manufacturers endure many challenges.

With PepsiCo originating from America, foreign countries that do not support the American position and interest in the global politics may end up denying the firm access to its markets. The globalization phenomenon has transformed the world into a tiny village, where economic ramifications occurring in one region of the world affect the entire global economy. The global economic crisis that began in the USA in spread across all economies in the world, thus slowing down market buying power in virtually all the countries of the world Thompson et al.

A transformation of social lifestyles, especially in the USA, has seen many people consider leading healthier lifestyles than before. With health experts raising concerns about the health implications involved when people consume carbonated and other processed drinks, most people abandoned such drinks Lawrence, Instead, people have been moving towards consuming bottled water as a healthier alternative.

This poses a great threat to the soft drinks markets, as sales are most likely set to deteriorate. While adopting new technology is crucial in making operations more effective and thus cutting down on operating costs, the technology is short-lived is on the other hand short-lived. This forces companies to spend more on acquiring the latest innovations in technology, which ends up driving operation costs higher. Different countries have their own food and drug administration laws, which may differ with those used in the USA, where PepsiCo originates.

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Such regulations may involve restrictions on alcohol contents in drinks, or restrictions on ingredients used in the manufacture of particular soft drink brands Thompson et al. This may in turn force players to drop brands that fail to meet regulations that are applied in particular countries, or manufacture new brands altogether in order to continue serving certain foreign markets. Businesses are continuously being compelled to ensure that their operations and activities do not pollute the environment.

Five Forces Analysis of the Industry

These new requirements are forcing firms to spend more in attempting to achieve environmentally friendly practices. These requirements, however, are a challenge to the manufacturers because this is not their core business area. The doubling up of business focus can potentially affect the ability to achieve desired business objectives. The firm targets to offer investors with financial rewards, while providing growth and enrichment opportunities at the same time.

PepsiCo requires enhancing its competitiveness in as far as the performance of other rival beverage manufacturers is concerned. As a critical player in the fast food industry as well, the firm has to ensure that it builds significant competitive edge with other fast food manufacturers. Providing investors with financial rewards, on the other hand, require that the company should expand its product portfolio to increase its profit potential.

Marketing Activities by Redbull

With more products, the company will reduce its overall business risk. This, in turn, reassures the investors of stable and better returns sustained over longer periods. If the market slides as a whole, Monster will struggle to buck the trend.

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