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I have some questions which i would like to get help to answer. I have collected data for this which shows what impact the price discriminations have had, but how can I continue working with this topic? What kind of economic theory should i use? Well, the way I see it, your topic is incomplete.

It would be narrowed down if you focused on the effect on price discrimination in museums on something particular, such as, for example, the effect on the number of visitors every week, or consumer behaviour in general. If you could just focus a little more on what exactly you want to analyse as being affected by price discrimination, I think you would attain the direction you need to refine your topic and move ahead with your EE.

Y2 17) Price Discrimination - First, Second and Third Degree

It depends on the museums. How many are there?

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What do they display? Do they have a significant overlap among targeted consumers for example, the museum of natural history will target different consumers as compared to the museum of railway engineering?

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Three essays in labor market discrimination.

The questions to answer are 1. What is the title of the text and what is the text about?

The title of the text is Prejudice and The Economics of Discrimination, and text is to test the prediction about the relationship between racial prejudice and racial wage gaps from Beker's seminal work on employer discrimination. What is the author's view? How do I know?

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The authors' view is to confirm whether what was previously found by Beker's on prejudice and wage racial discrimination was still relevant at the time they did the investigation. What is the evidence presented by the author to support ideas? The evidence presented is that 'Racial wage gaps are larger the more racially integrated is a state's workforce'. Is the evidence valid? The evidence is valid because they based their results on a formal survey.


As we can see, from their general social survey the found out that relative to white wages, black wages a vary negatively with a major of prejudice of the 'marginal' white in the states b vary negatively with the prejudice in the lower tail of the prejudice distribution, but are unaffected by the prejudice of the most prejudice persons in a state c vary negatively with fraction of state that is black. Is the evidence relevant?